Who We Are
Established in 2005, Signature Service Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated Temporary Employment Agency managed by a team of professionals who encompass a broad range of knowledge and experience from more than one industry. What binds us as a team is that we all whole-heartedly believe that employing the right person is critical to the success of any business operation.
Our Vision
Put simply, it is to provide our customers with the type of staff required to make any event, no matter what size, a true success thereby creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.
What We Do
Our focus is to create customizable hospitality staffing & training solutions to meet our customer’s immediate needs. Our aim is to match our clients with qualified and skills employees every time.

Our resources include a comprehensive database of experienced staff available to temporarily support your business during peak periods. Our objective is to provide your business with reliability, quality services and cost effective solutions.

Our Commitment
We are at all times committed to service excellence and continuous improvement of quality with our customers, strategic partners and employees.

We recognize that all of customers’ are unique and have different budgetary requirements; therefore our services and pricing always remains flexible. We are committed to meeting industry demands and maintaining a high level of quality service, on your budget.

We listen carefully to assess and understand the needs of all parties involved so that the perfect match is made for both our customers and employees.

We value each and every one of our customers, strategic partners and employees and strive to maintain successful long-lasting relationships. We prefer to deal with situations face-to-face and will always remain solution-oriented.


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