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What is Smart Serve?
Smart Serve Training focuses on issues surrounding safe and responsible practices when selling and serving alcohol. It is Ontario’s mandated training for all servers of alcoholic beverages in licensed establishments.
Why is it important?
Smart Serve trained staff have the necessary tools to help the licensee minimize risk and liability. Knowledgeable & confident servers will increase customer satisfaction and help provide a safer environment for all.
Is this program mandatory?
Yes. In January 2008 all serving staff in licensed establishments had to be certified and in possession of a Smart Serve certificate when working.
Who should be certified?
All servers, bartenders, door staff, security, managers and owners who take an active part in the day to day operations of their establishments must be certified. It is also strongly recommended that hosts/hostesses, ticket sellers, bussers, coat room and parking lot attendants take the training. This applies to full time, part time, contract employees, and volunteers or family members who help out on an occasional basis.
What we Offer
We offer Smart Serve training on site at our location or on-site at your venue. Our rate is flexible for volume orders.
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